🇬🇧 The purpose of this blog

What you’ll get is an intention to communicate, and to compile some of my writings thus far.

I’m a Swedish scholar who lived for some years in London. Nowadays I live in Sweden. What you will find here is a bunch of ramblings addressing things like the philosophy and political economy of media digitization, with some added sprinkles of musicology and musings on popular culture and capitalist realism for good measure.

Please keep in mind, that…
1. The amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere is already causing planetary system collapse.
2. Societal systems are, by their very nature, slow to change.
3. As humans, we must learn to live, work, and act together, in ecological harmony.

This is why lovers rock is as important as responsible policymaking.

I’m currently Associate Professor of Media & Communications, Södertörn University (Stockholm, Sweden) and I mainly do that in order to be able to critically analyse the ways in which everyday life and social structures are affected by the ongoing digitisation of society. My main object of interest is digital platforms and their structural role in society, especially in terms of their role for civil society, knowledge-making, and the data-driven economy.

“Platforms literally transform market relations into infrastructure.” This interview summarizes my views quite well.